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fucked life..!

Published:Aug 03, 2011

Right..! new to emo lifestyle.. nd im feeling it suits me.. fuck the ppl who say im mad.. (theyre right). I HATE MY LIFE THOUGH/! im turning 13 this august.. nd my mood swings r sorta awkard..! im beggiining 2 hate the ppl who i love..! nd well i love black purple nd red..! i draw.. nd everytime i do its something wierd nd thts scaring ppl round me..!

thers this jerk whos blackmailing me nd when i decide its time  2 tell someone.. wel.. it gets worse.. im cuurrently on holiday nd tryna eescape all tht crap but it dnt leave me alone.! i love my ex boyfriend or im obsessd wid loving him but everytime he hurts me.. sorta had enuf but we keep running bak 2 the same place..!

single life has the flirty funness..! but eveen looking 4 someone is hard especially when yu have my parents.. ! strict as hell!

but going thru all this is meant 2 b teaching me something.. but im nt sure it is..! true friends always break yur trust but i knw i can count on 2!

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never.remember feel you never.remember (annie hope) 9/21/2012 4:55:08 PM
i totaly get you gurrl. -.- fuck them
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