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Emo Cow :P

Emo Hairstyles

Proper haircut is an essential thing when being emo. Give yourself an emo haircut. Your hair is important, it will make or break you, so it's important that you get a hairstyle that's just right. There are so many Emo hairstyles to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, not every emo has short, black, choppy hair (although this screams emo, in a good way). Some of your abundant style choices include fairly long hair, with many layers and optionally bangs, possibly chunks of bleached-blond sections and other colors. You can try loose waves, though the standard style is straightened hair. If you're overwhelmed, try some standard things like bangs and layers. Later on, you can add the streaks and colors. Pink, black, purple, blue, neon green layered hair for girls is becoming more and more popular. The top layer is usually cut short and is made to stick out - spiked, in a sense. You can even tease your hair. We hope you will find inspiration for your haircut in this gallery. But remember, be yourself and make yourself an original emo haircut!
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snot bubble
Blonde streaks in bl..
Emo boy hair
Cute Blonde Emo Hair..
Long Pink
Simplest Emo Haircut
Blonde Highlights
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