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Don't look at me that way


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Emo Cow :P

Emo Kids

The term for the teenagers who listen emocore is emo kids. The society thinks about them as failures, they are not strong enough to hide their emotions, they're sensitive, shy, introverted, and often quiet. Usually, emo kids like to express their feeling writing poems about their problems with depression, confusion, and anger. All because the world doesn't understand them. Emo poetry uses a combination of a highly emotional tone, stream of consciousness writing, a simple or nonexistent rhyme scheme, references to the flesh, especially the heart, heavy use of dark or depressing adjectives, and concern over the mutability of time or love. Themes such as life is pain are common. Altough life is already very hard for them, emo kids have to suffer for even more society prosecution because of their condition. The term emo itself is used nowadays as an insult. Adressed to a person means they are 'overly emotional'. Emocore is compared with pop boy bands of 1990s. Critics cast the music as lacking any artistic merit and that the fashion is just ... a fashion used to drive girls attention. The ones who are emo not because they feel it, but because they like to be trendy are named 'posers'. A big percent of the current emo subculture is formed by posers. Emo subculture is acused that it is celebrating self-harm.
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